About Us

The Two Principals of  P & S Antiques:

THE “P” of P & S:

His gem roots go back to his father who was a diamantaire in Holland and later in New York. He learned the diamond business in his youth. He apprenticed as a bench jeweler under a Master Jeweler who has now become a very popular designer. Before long he was designing and creating intricate enamel work jewelry and gold items. As that became successful he opened his own retail outlet in New York where he featured his designs as well as diamond jewelry and continued his bench work for almost 2 decades. He went on to become the Marketing Director & then National Sales Manager for a popular Jewelry manufacturer in Manhattan where he also helped design much of the product line. His commitment to the jewelry industry includes membership in the Independent Jewelers Organization, Jewelers of America, and The Retail Jewelers Organization.

And The “S”

She represents the third generation of family jewelers. Her family owned and operated several jewelry stores in New England for over seven decades. Each store featured an Antique·Department. Because of this, the family came to become an important resource for both the procuring and selling of antiques in New England, where many estates still come from. She developed a wholesale Antique Jewelry division which in the 90’s worked primarily with major Department Stores promoting in store sales with over 75 trunk shows with Saks Fifth Ave. & Macy’s nationwide. She then worked in Seoul, South Korea on a television shopping show selling antique jewelry. Upon returning she moved to New York and worked as a consultant in antique jewelry for Rapaport Diamond. 

They combined their passion and knowledge of  jewelry and with over 80 years of experience created P & S Antiques.